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    Your new Maine Coon will be inquisitive, playful, loving, confident and will eventually control the strings to your heart. A Maine Coon is many things but unmistakably and primarily it is a cat. Maine Coons are large cats and therefore make an immediate and powerful first impact. They are long and muscular. This makes them very quick at running and chasing. They have large eyes and tufts on the ends of their ears. This gives them a lynx like look. When you take your first Maine Coon in they can become like a luxurious scarf wrapping around your body. This is when the unique and differentiating structure of a Maine Coon becomes instantly recognizable. Maine Coons feel quite different from any domestic cat I have met. Many Maine Coons enjoy playing with water. They simply love it. Eventually any Maine Coon that becomes a new member of the household will start displaying their own character. I guarantee that a Maine Coon will never ever cease to surprise you.
    Maine Coons should always have dry food available throughout the day. The dry food should have a high protein content without a lot of carbohydrates. Most cats regulate the amount they eat, but maine coons can get obese as they grow older. Maine Coons should always have fresh water available to drink, water should be changed once per day. You should feed your Maine Coon a good, high protein, wet food once in the morning and once at night. I also use NuVet suppliments in my cats food. (contact me for ordering directions and discount code) Food and water bowls should be washed daily. Please note**** this is my recommendation, but please talk to you veterinarian
    chosen a maine coon. Cat litter smells, creates dust and noise. The cat litter box can be unsightly and often takes up inconvenient space. Cat litter issues over time grow the importance of this subject, so here is my two cents on the subject. There are many different litters, litter boxes, different training devices and aids. If you have one maine coon, you can use a regular clumping clay litter or crystal litter and scoop it daily to control the smell. If you have more than one cat, you can also do the same thing, you just need to scoop and change out the litter more often. Litter boxes need to be completely changed out weekly and washed with bleach to eliminate anything that may be growing in the litter box, especially if there is more than one cat, it helps with cross contamination. There are also electric litter boxes that do most of the work for you (I am a huge fan of these). They dump the litter after each time a cat has been in the litter box and you just have to change the waste compartment and add litter. Your kitten has been exposed to regular, non-clumping clay litter. Crystal litter as well as clumping litter and a litter robot. They are still young for a litter robot, but they use one at my house because they watch their mom to see what they are supposed to do.
    That is right, you can take your Maine coons on a lead, outside, to enjoy and discover the world together. Admittedly the experience is somewhat different than taking a dog for a walk. There are right and wrong ways to go about taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead. My personal motives for taking my Maine Coon out on a lead is simple, I love spending time with my Maine Coons. Taking your Maine coon out with you on a lead is an utterly unique experience. Without a doubt you and your Maine Coon will become the focal point for conversation. After a while, your Maine Coon will steal the hearts of everyone they come in contact with. I can only speak of the Maine Coons I have taken out and about with me. A confident and happy Maine Coon will easily adapt to the atmosphere around them. Never take risks, a few trial runs are important. Start by taking time at home in the garden with your cat on lead. If each step goes well, progress your program to public spaces. Always have a cat carrier with you so that you can quickly and easily place your cat in a safe and secure zone. Normally I always have at least one carrier in my car. Dogs you would think may cause issues while cruising around social and pedestrian zones. To date I have only had positive experiences with dogs. Dogs are territorial, but when a dog is taking a walk with their owner, they are not in defense mode. Instead, they are in inquisitive mode. A Maine Coon is large and has a certain presence. A large Maine Coon that is also aloof to the presence of dogs can only confound a dog’s sensibilities and accentuates inquisitiveness rather than aggression. Remember that it is the owner of both dog and cat to transmit sureness and security to their animals. Awareness and control are vital qualities which can be used to reduce risky situations.
    To understand how to introduce two cats for the first time you need to understand the concept behind what you are trying to achieve. Cats do not like surprises. If you have a household cat, then you must understand that they view your home as their territory. They feel safe and relaxed in their abode. When you introduce a new ‘intruder’ cat to your home, the household cat will feel a sense of fear followed by the need to defend their space. The ‘intruder’ cat will also be fearful in a new environment with new smells. Fear is the first and strongest emotion that is hard wired in us all, and the same is true for cats. To diminish fear, you need time. Over time fear will develop into curiosity. This is the goal. Prepare a room for your new Maine Coon. We advise your bedroom, as this is a place where you can stay with your new cat in a relaxed environment. You will need to prepare a litter box, a scratching post, food and water bowls for your cat during their temporary stay. You will need to transport your new cat into the designated room without your household cat seeing the ‘intruder’. So, you may have temporarily closed the household cat in a room while you transport the new cat into your home. Your new cat needs to stay in your room for 48 hours. When you are in the room with your new cat as hard as this is, you need to let him be. He will also need to get used to his surroundings. It is likely that for the first 24 hours he will hide, not eat anything, and not use the litter. Do not worry. This is normal behavior. You can sit and read a book, watch TV, or update your social media. When your new cat is ready, he will come to you. They will start to see this room as a safe place. The household cat will understand there is an intruder and will probably sniff at the door. This is what you want. On the third day you will swap the cats over for a period of 24 hours. You will again have to do this without the cats seeing each other. This will be the first occasion that your household cat can properly sense the intruder. They will understand the age and gender of the intruder kitten. On the fourth day you will again swap the cats back, so the intruder cat is in your room and the household cat is outside the bedroom. Wait an hour and then open the door and keep it open should one of the cats choose to run away. Step away from the door and let the two cats interact at their own pace. Do not interfere (this includes words of encouragement or gestures, simply observe). It is likely that one of the cats will hiss and show dominance. They will then retreat. Let them approach each other at their own pace. Over the next few weeks, the cats will learn to tolerate each other’s presence. The first introduction was done at a stage of curiosity and not fear. This makes all the difference. At week 3 they will bumble along with each other. From week 4 and onward they will probably start the ‘household pride’ and may well start cleaning and snoozing together. I have a few other tricks up my me and I will share them.
    So, what is the bare minimum that I need for my Maine Coon? The following items are what I would consider essential to make your life easy and for your cat to feel that they have everything they need. If I can help minimize the chores, then you can maximize fun time with your kitten. The key areas are: 1. Food 2. Health and hygiene 3. Sleeping 4. Entertainment 5. Transport
  • FOOD
    I feed my kittens Royal Canine Kitten Food. If they are eating anything different, I will inform you. But I have found that Royal Canine has been good for my kitties and they have a good solution for everything. This is what you will need to buy. I also give my kittens Nutrivet Suppliments in their food, Contact me on how to order and to get the discount code.
    FEEDING AREA It is a good idea to keep a cat’s feeding area high on a counter. This way you can control the food. The water dish should be on the floor and accessible at all times. Maine Coons are big cats. You will find that they enjoy playing with their water bowls and quite frequently leave crumbs and morsels around their food bowls. LITTER AREA The litter area should be kept at the furthest point from the feeding area. The cat should be shown where the litter is. They will know what to do. RECOMMENDATIONS When looking for a litterbox make sure you select an XXL size.
    Cats sleep about ninety percent of the time. Generally, they choose high places to sleep in. If they are warm and cozy, they are generally happy. If you get a thick woolen blanket and place it in a warm room, on a shelf, bed, or seat they will be happy as can be.
    It is important to keep your cat entertained. You can do this by giving your cat toys to play with. This generally prevents them from finding household items to play with like hairbands, paperclips, and other household items. There are also items which you can use to play with your cat, such as a feathered stick or a ball of string. You will also need a scratching post. This will save you furniture. Note: When buying a scratching post, remember, Maine Coons are big. Buy a Cat Tree built for Maine Coons, so you don’t have to throw your first one out and get a second one. **If you ask me, I can give you some recomendations
    My Maine Coons Cost Between $2500 - $4500 Price depends on Color, Sex, Breed Standard etc. Males will be a little more than females. My Shaded and Polydactyl can be a little more. My babies come with age-appropriate vaccines, wormed, microchipped, health checked, and health guaranteed and 30 days of free health insurance. They come registered with CFA as a pet only, no breeding rights. They come with Optimal Selection Genetic Testing and a Four-Generation Pedigree.
    Yes, My Maine Coons come with age appropriate vaccines, wormed, microchipped, health checked 3X and health guaranteed.
    At this time, I am running a closed cattery. I am happy to do video calls, send video's etc. My husband has cancer, so his immune system is compromised, his health is my first priority. I am happy to have you come pick up your new baby at my house, or I can meet you somewhere closer to you. Most people know me as the delivering kitty person 😊.
    Yes, we deliver. I have kittens that have been delivered all over the United States. We do not ship Cargo, but we will fly with the kitten to the closest airport to your home. The price for delivery is $500** **This price could change depending on where we are delivering to.
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